We teach the holy Quran to children and adults, men and women online. We have arraignments to teach “Qaida” the starter of the Holy Quran. Also we have arraignments to teach “Nazra Quran e Kareem” with tajweed and translation with brief commentary (Tafseer). We have qualified teachers/tutors for Qurani Arabic course. If you need high qualified male and female tutors to learn the Quranic studies, please feel free to contact us.
Courses we offer are as under:
1. Learn Arabic Qaida (The starter)
2. Learn Nazra Quran complete (with correct pronunciation)
3. Memorize the the Holy Quran (complete or some suras)
4. Learn Translation and brief commentary of the Holy Quran.
5. Learn Uloom ul Quran.
6. Parenting and tarbiyah course ( for parents and couples)